Following a short description of Meniga’s services, terms are listed below pertaining to your access and use of the website, owned and operated by the Icelandic private limited company Meniga ehf., ID No. 500309-0160 (hereinafter Meniga). By using, you agree to adhere to all of Meniga’s Terms of Use as they are at the time (see also “Changes to terms” below).

About Meniga’s services
Meniga’s services provide information, functions and controls for personal finances in the form of software that organises and analyses users’ bank transactions (from bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards) and allows users to oversee income and expenses, analyse their finances and find ways to save or use money more effectively. The service also includes articles and information on household finances and aims to incentivise responsible financial management. The service allows people to manage their household finances easily and effectively. The service provides regular tips for saving and practical information that is based on a user’s personal consumption habits as they appear in the data stored by Meniga, queries to third parties or other data. The service may be partially funded by advertisements appearing on the Meniga website. All advertisements on the Meniga website appear in clearly marked advertising areas, and there is a distinct difference between these ads and the savings tips and practical information edited by Meniga that no one has paid for. Meniga may display advertisements based on a user’s personal consumption habits as they appear in the data stored by Meniga, queries to third parties or other data. Advertisers on the Meniga website are never provided access to a user’s information, whether that is personal data, financial data or other information. Savings tips, practical information and advertisements that appear on the Meniga website may contain links to third-party sites. Meniga’s services are free for the users of the website.

1. Acceptance of Meniga’s Terms of Use
By using the information, tools and functions on the site (collectively called the service), you agree to honour these terms, whether you are a guest (which means you have viewed the website) or member (which means you have created a username for Meniga). The words “you” and “user” in these terms refer to a guest or member. If you wish to become a member, communicate with other members and utilise the service, you must read the terms and accept them during the registration process. Use includes viewing, research and/or use of the services available at the website at any given time. Any use of the website is limited to actions considered normal and legal and the information and services available at any given time. Before reading any further, you should print and save a copy of these terms.

2. Data protection
Meniga’s security and privacy policy, considered a part of these terms, contains detailed information on security and Meniga’s treatment of your personal and financial information. Meniga reserves the right to update the security and privacy policy, and the version which appears on the website is always the valid version.

3. Accessing the service and your login information
You understand and agree that you are responsible for ensuring the secrecy of your password which, along with your username (e-mail address), allows you to access the service. By providing Meniga with your e-mail address, you agree that Meniga may, when necessary, send notifications to your e-mail address relating to your access to the service. The username, password and other contact information you provide Meniga with (i.e. a mobile phone number for SMS notifications) are all considered your access information. If you become aware that your access information has been compromised, you agree to notify Meniga immediately by sending an e-mail to oryggismal (at) Your right to access and use the service is limited to you, and you are not permitted to transfer that right to another person or party. You are, however, allowed to provide your spouse or cohabiter with access to your area provided you have joint finances. You are only permitted to access and use the service for a legal purpose. Your access to may be blocked for a variety of reasons, including mechanical failure, technical failure, software error and system updates.

4. Meniga’s neutrality regarding your financial information
The service offers members the option to provide permission for Meniga to retrieve financial information on their behalf, i.e. including debit and credit card transactions, that are stored by a third party with which they conduct business. Meniga has made agreements with financial institutions regarding the retrieval of such information with the approval of the owner of the information. Meniga is a neutral party and does not in any way form an opinion on such financial information. Meniga’s neutrality means, but is not limited to, that Meniga does not in any way develop an opinion as to whether transactions are correct, legal or ethical. Meniga is in no way responsible for information, products or services on third-party websites.

5. Savings tips, practical information and advertisements
Meniga is not responsible in any way for the products or services of third parties that may appear on the Meniga website, including advertisements. Meniga is also not responsible for ensuring that the prices or business terms of third parties for the products or services that appear or are advertised on the Meniga are correct, economical or actually available for the price or under the terms that may appear on the Meniga website.

6. Notifications via e-mail or SMS to your mobile phone
From time to time, Meniga may send you necessary notifications electronically relating to your registration and access or use of the service (i.e. when access information is altered) or other optional notifications relating to your use of the service. When your access to the services is registered for the first time, you may be registered for some optional notifications. You can at any time change, unsubscribe or subscribe to all optional notifications. Every once in a while, Meniga may add a new type of notification or remove a particular type of notification. Electronic notifications from Meniga will be sent to the e-mail that you provided as your primary e-mail for You may also be offered the option to have certain notifications made to you via SMS to your mobile phone. As notifications are not encrypted, they will never contain your password. However, notifications may contain your password (when you are sent an e-mail), mobile phone number (when you are sent an SMS to your mobile phone) and information pertaining to your finances. The nature of financial information in notifications depends on what notifications you opt for and how they are selected. Anyone with access to your e-mail will be able to view the content of these notifications. You can at any time choose to unsubscribe from all optional notifications. You understand and agree that all notifications you receive in connection with your use of the service may be delayed or blocked for a variety of reasons. Meniga tries to ensure that notifications are delivered swiftly and securely but in no way is responsible for the receipt of notifications or that the notification includes the newest or most accurate information. You agree that Meniga is in no way liable due to late notifications, notifications not made or for errors in the notification content, provided the mistake was not made with intent.

7. Rights you give to Meniga
By registering for the services and agreeing to the terms of services through your online bank, you agree that the financial institutions of which you are a client may provide Meniga with electronic viewing access to information on certain bank accounts and credit cards in your name (you select the accounts and credit cards when you register for the service through your online bank) as well as all transactions on said bank accounts and credit cards. The permission you grant Meniga is subject to the following conditions and limitations:

  • The access is limited to viewing access. Meniga does not have permission or ability to transfer or execute any financial transactions.
  • The permission is not subject to any time restrictions but may be revoked at any time through your online bank.
  • As is clearly stated in the Meniga Security Policy, Meniga will not under any circumstances hand over, sell or rent information that is collected via this permission to a third party. You may, however, be offered the option from time to time to provide other users of the website or outside parties access to your information for purposes in line with the objectives of the service. This will never be done without your prior approval. Meniga may, however, compile statistical summaries and other derived summaries not traceable to you without your express approval for use in a commercial capacity or to give to a third party provided they can never be traced to a particular person.
  • By agreeing to the terms through your online bank, you are confirming Meniga’s permission to use the data for the purpose of providing the service.
  • The permission is granted to Meniga without any obligation by Meniga to pay for it and without any other limitations not listed in these terms. By using the service, you are giving your permission for Meniga to collect, on your behalf, information that you have approved through your online bank. You understand and agree that when Meniga retrieves your information, Meniga is collecting it with your authorisation, not the authorisation of the financial institution that stores the information.

8. Meniga’s intellectual property rights
All content on the website, including visual design (i.e. text, graphics, images, trademarks), photographs, software, edited material, notifications and other content is protected in accordance with intellectual and trademark law in Iceland and other places. The content on owned by Meniga or used with permission of the software, data or content provider with which Meniga has a business relationship. Meniga grants you permission to view and use in accordance with these terms. You may only collect or print a copy of information and content on for your personal use, not for commercial purposes. Any distribution, re-publication or electronic copying of the content on, whether partial or whole, for any other purpose is expressly forbidden without the written approval of Meniga Iceland ehf.

9. Access limitations
You hereby agree to refrain from using any automatic software, program or other automatic method to access, copy or monitor any part of the website without the written permission of Meniga. You also agree to refrain from using any automatic software, program or other automatic method to visit, use or search for data on the website except though the use of standard browsers (e.g. Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer) and standard search engines (e.g. Google or Bing). You also agree to refrain from sending documents or data to the Meniga website that could be classified as a computer virus, computer worm or Trojan horse or that may have damaging characteristics or could in any way disturb the normal functioning of or the service. You also agree that you will not in any way attempt to reverse engineer the underlying source code of the software that is used on

10. Content you send to
The service allows members to add content to chat threads, blogs and other areas within that contain content from users. You hereby agree to adhere to the following rules when you send in any text, data or content to

  • You are responsible for all content that you send to
  • By sending in content, you are guaranteeing that you hold all relevant rights and permits to submit the content and that you are providing Meniga with unlimited permission to use all of your entries, including for use, publication, general display, reproduction, rental, lending, sale and distribution by any technical means currently possible or to be invented in the future, without Meniga having to make any payment. These intellectual property rights apply to all types of content and all media. Meniga also has the right to translate all content into other languages. You are hereby also allowing every user of to access your submitted content through and to copy, distribute, create derived content, display and use your submitted content in accordance with these terms, Meniga’s rules and the functions available on the website.
  • You may not submit content that could be considered offensive or content containing personal information or regards a person’s private life.
  • You may not send in any type of content, pictures or software that is in violation of another party’s property rights, intellectual rights or copyrights.
  • You are not permitted to disturb other users’ use of the service. For example, you are not permitted to disrupt normal communications in the interactive areas of, delete or alter content that others have submitted, act in any way that creates an unusual amount of strain on the service and the computer system behind it or in any way act in a manner that disrupts others’ normal access to the service.
  • Unless it is stated otherwise in relevant areas within, you are not permitted to request, sell, advertise or market any product or service, whether for payment or otherwise, nor send in requests for participation in charity events, petitions or business opportunities (including job offers).
  • You may not copy or use the personal or contact information of other users without their permission. You may not contact anyone whose information you received through

11. Liability restrictions
Meniga is not responsible for distress or damage directly resulting from failures in the computer or software systems of the company or user or for other reasons that may result in inaccurate information or problems accessing the service. Meniga is not responsible for distress or damage that may directly or indirectly result from errors or failures in terminals, Internet connections, the software necessary to connect to the Meniga website, users’ operating systems or browsers or Meniga’s computer system. Meniga is also not responsible for any other reasons that may lead to functions on being unavailable or altered, whether due to technical failure, data errors or disturbances to computer systems operations. Meniga is not responsible for damage resulting from the ignorance, misunderstanding or abuse of a user or other party, with or without the permission of the user. Meniga is not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect actions by the user or another party. Meniga is not responsible for damage resulting from external events such as failures, incorrect external information and the like. The same applies if the damage results from natural disaster, civil unrest, strikes or events classified as force majeure.

12. Meniga’s service is not a formal financial or taxation consulting service
The user acknowledges that Meniga is only an information and analysis service, to the effect that the website’s users cannot transfer funds, make payments or conduct other financial transactions. The service is only intended to assist people in organising their household finances in the general sense and does not entail any legal or tax advice or other formal advice that entails a legal relationship between a consultant and the receiver of advice. Your personal finances are unique, and material, information and functions on may not always pertain to your circumstances.

13. Closure of access and the duration of these terms
These terms apply while you are using and until your access to the Meniga website is closed by you or Meniga. You can close your access to Meniga on the Meniga website. When you close your account, Meniga deletes all of your data and files. Your information may exist in encrypted copies of the Meniga database for up to two months after you have closed your account. Meniga may, at any time and without warning, unilaterally close your access to Meniga by sending you a notification to the e-mail address you provided at registration, for example if you are found to be abusing the site, have violated any of these terms or have acted in a way blatantly indicating that you do not intend to or are unable to fulfil the provisions of these terms.

14. Changes to terms
Meniga may update these terms. If changes are made, any changes to these terms will be made available on the website. Notifications of any changes will also be sent to you via e-mail or displayed prominently on the Meniga website. If changes are made, you will be given the option to approve the changes the next time you enter the Meniga website. If you chose not to approve the changed terms, you will no longer be able to access Meniga’s service and will be given the option to close your Meniga account, meaning that all of your data and information will be deleted in accordance with Article 13 of these terms.

15. Jurisdiction, disputes and general provisions
These terms are subject to Icelandic law. If any part of these terms is declared invalid, illegal or unattainable, it in no way undermines the validity, legality or attainability of other provisions in the terms. You agree that if Meniga chooses not to utilise some right expressed in these terms, this does not entail a waiver of that right. Should any dispute arise in connection with these terms, the case shall be heard by the Reykjavík District Court.

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